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The assimilation process begins when a person first visits NMT and ends when they connect with the people, ministries, and programs that drive the mission of NMT. Join to help our new members gain a sense of belonging in the NMT family.


The Millennial middle child of NMT traditional and future generations that helps young adults navigate the transition from one spiritual life to another.

Daughters of Destiny

Young girls from the age of six to the sixth grade are injunction with the Young Ladies in Christ. They will come together to learn about God's word as one.


Our deaconesses are godly women full of the Holy Ghost desiring the Word of The Lord. They are of sound judgment, have strong characters, and are willing to serve anywhere there is a spiritual need.

Couples Ministry

Marriage is about ONENESS. Biblical oneness looks like a husband and a wife passionately pursuing what God has called them to be together. Join our us for our date night events and weekly Sunday school class.

Men of Valor

This ministry helps the men of NMT become spiritual leaders in our church and in the community.


The purpose of this program is for NMT members to be able to explore mission opportunities.

Voices of NMT

The Voices of NMT is our service choir. Its mission is to inspire to connect our church members through their empowering voices.


This ministry is for our youth leaders who are capable of teaching God's Word and building a foundation of the things of God.

Young Ladies in Christ

Our young ladies from grades 7th-11th are touched by God's love, will be taught God's word, and fellowship with God's people.

Young Men in Christ

This group is made up of young men from the ages of 9-22 years of NMT who come together and engage in safe, spiritual, and effective activities.

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