Worship Service Registration

To keep our congregation and guest safe, we temporarily require pre-registration and online health screenings to attend Sunday In-Person Worship Service.  Currently, we are limiting the number of attendees.  Therefore, we ask that you register as soon as possible.  However, if you recently attended one of our In-Person Worship services, those who have not had an opportunity to do so will have priority.


Select below in the form what service date you would like to attend: (Note: There will only be a minimum number allowed per service so register early)

By registering to attend in-person worship service, we ask you to affirm each of the following:

• I understand it is not possible to eliminate the spread of COVID-19, and therefore, by choosing to    enter New Mountain TOP (NMT), I maybe exposing myself to and increasing my risk of contracting or spreading the virus.

•While on-site, I will follow all NMT protocols, including the most recent CDC guidelines regarding social distancing and wearing masks/facial covering.


1. I have not tested positive for COVID-19, nor am I awaiting results from a pending COVID-19 test.

2. I have not had any of the symptoms of COVID-19, such as cough, shortness of breath, fever, chills, aches, sore throat, fatigue, headache, congestion, loss of taste or smell, or gastrointestinal symptoms.

3. I have not knowingly had exposure to or close contact with (within Six feet for any notable    period) anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 symptoms.

4. I have not traveled internationally.

If any of these circumstances change before I am registered to attend worship, I will cancel my registration and not participate.   By voluntarily coming to NMT, I agree to notify NMT immediately if I develop symptoms of COVID-19, receive a presumptive diagnosis of COVID-19, or test positive for COVID-19 within ten days of attending worship.

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