Assimilation Ministry

What We Do

Assimilation is the process in which New Mountain Top welcomes and receives a member of the body of Christ into the body of believers at NMT.  The purpose of the New Members Assimilation Ministry is to be the first point of contact in this process to involve our newest “cousins” in our service and work for Christ.

Through our Assimilation Classes and Super Saturday events, it is our desire to make the transition easy and to ensure that all persons know that they are welcomed, connected and involved in the mission of life and the ministry.

What is a L.I.F.E. Group?


A LIFE group (previously called Covenant Group) is a smaller group of NMT members who meet for the purpose of fellowship and the dissemination of information.


LIFE groups were designed specifically to make sure that members felt close to NMT and that as the church continues to grow, everyone would feel important to Christ, needed by the community and loved by other members in this ministry.


Everyone who becomes a member of NMT is automatically connected and assigned to one of the eight LIFE Groups.  Our LIFE Groups are currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION!



Assimilation Classes/Super Saturday

We have designed a series of classes to provide new members with an overview of New Mountain Top Baptist Church, including “who we are” and “what we believe”.  These classes are primarily designed to give Biblical information after becoming a member.  These classes are open to those who have recently joined and to those considering membership.

Super Saturday is designed to give additional support with an opportunity to meet and greet the leadership of NMT.  After completing a Super Saturday session, Pastor and First Lady Litman present our newest “cousins” with a certificate of completion during our regular Morning Worship Service.  It’s just that important to us! (A light breakfast is provided at Super Saturday)

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